TCL Universal Remote Codes and How To Program

Do you have a TCL universal remote? If so, these TCL universal remote codes will make your life easier. It is possible to program the TCL Universal Remote to control most televisions, your sound system, and the Blu-ray player. This way, you can use one remote control for everything. These TCL universal remote codes will help you get started.

TCL Universal Remote Codes

TCL Universal Remote Codes list

Here is a list of remote codes for ROKU TV:

  • Verizon: 180
  • TIVO: 0366 / 0091
  • Time Warner: 1566 / 0387
  • RCA: 11756
  • ONN: 3851
  • Dish Network: 535
  • DirecTV: 11756
  • Cox: 1756
  • Comcast: 11756
  • Charter: 11756
  • Cable Vision: 0031
  • Bright House Cable: 1756
  • ATT Uverse: 1346

TCL TV Remote codes for DirecTV RC73

  • 1756
  • 1283
  • 1621
  • 1762
  • 1123
  • 1287
  • 1387

If that’s the case, you can use this website to enter the make and model of the TV, and it will tell you what codes to use. TCL universal remote is a good product for your home appliances control, and TCL universal remote is also called TV remote and keyboard or keyboard. You can easily control your television and other home appliances with natural use.

It has a user-friendly interface, making it easier with its functions. With the help of this software, you can do everything quickly with mouse clicks or the keypad that comes with it. If you want to program your TCL remote control yourself or need some assistance, here is a guide to help you through the process.

Steps to Program Your TCL Remote

Setup your TCL remote to be an input device, enabling you to program the codes for specific brand devices. You must do this step first and then follow all of the other steps in order:

1. Press “Input” and a button with a “-” on it until it says “Input.”

2. Press and hold the “Mute” button on your remote while pressing the devices’ power button that turns it on. Release both buttons when the television turns on or off.

3. After turning it off, press and hold down “Mute,” “Volume Up,” Volume Down,” and Power.

4. Now push the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously in order until it displays “Input.”

5. Go through all of the steps again using your TCL remote and press the “Mute,” “Volume Up,” Volume Down,” and Power buttons according to the TCL universal remote codes below.

At the same time, what you do NOT want to do is:

1. Program a different code on the TCL universal remote for every other device when your configuration changes.

2. Make sure that the volume on your sound system is always set to zero when you change the Blu-ray volume using your TCL remote control. This way, each time you turn off the TV using the TCL universal remote, you will not have to go back into its programming screen and reprogram all of your devices again to get a consistent set of codes.

3. Stay away from using code 0971, as this is the code that is used to control a motion sensor. This will override your setup, and your TV will change channels by itself.

4. If you are programming a TCL universal remote, it is always best practice to program all your devices at once and NOT program each device one-by-one behind the scenes.


Q1.What Can You Do With Your TCL Remote?

Ans: You can control televisions, cable boxes, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and even listen to music on some universal remotes with the help of TCL universal remote codes. If you have many devices controlled by IR signals, this is the remote for you.

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