Spectrum Universal Remote Codes and How To Program

In this article, we will discuss how to set up the “Blank” setting on your Spectrum remote control so that you can program in any universal remote code. This one setting allows you to learn the basic principles from several popular brands.

Spectrum Universal Remote Codes

Spectrum Universal Remote Codes list

Brand Name

Remote Codes


2049, 0171, 1423, 2751, 1660, 1517, 1204, 0463, 0145, 0172, 1232, 1564, 1326, 1564, 2417


1755, 2597,1867, 1990, 1913, 2492, 0171, 1454, 1365, 0051


0017, 1768, 1423, 0178


0051, 1927, 1480, 1947, 1925


1990, 1867, 0171, 2597, 2992, 2622, 1454, 1365, 2492


0812, 1959, 2051, 0178


0047, 2746, 0051, 2434, 3717, 1868, 1958, 1661, 3382, 2183, 3577


The Spectrum Universal Remote Receiver is the most common product used to connect any universal remote control device to a Spectrum home theater receiver. It is also a valuable tool for setting up your brand of universal remote control for future device programming, especially if you have lots of devices you’d like to learn from. The receiver itself can be programmed to recognize any remote control and allows you to store up to 10 or 13 different codes. The basic codes are needed for programming a universal remote control.

Let’s begin:

1 – Plug in your Spectrum Universal Receiver and press the “Mode” button on the remote control.

2 – Press the “Reset” button on the receiver. Wait a few seconds and then press “mode” again. You will see a red LED next to the mode button flash a few times if you look closely.

3 – Now it’s time to program our universal remote with all of our devices! Let’s begin by pressing “power” once and ensuring your universal remote is set to channel 3.

4 – Press the “mode” buttons labeled “SETUP” on your remote. You should see a screen similar to the following:

5 – Now, you must use the “arrows” buttons to scroll through your devices. The arrow key you use is marked by a white circle with a number next to it. To begin with, press “1.” The remote’s LED should flash once and then turn off.

6 – Repeat steps 3-5 for each device you want programming into your universal remote device. You can even try deleting the code if you’d like and then reenter it using step 5 using its appropriate arrow key. When you’re done, press “2.” The LED will flash once more and then turn off.

7 – Press “3” and select the last symbol (the one that looks like a “1” without a circle around it) for the device you want to program. You should see the flashing LED go off again, and your device should be programmed into your universal remote. You can also delete previously entered codes or re-enter them to see if they work better than before. When finished, press “4” to save your settings if something goes wrong!

8 – Repeat steps 5-7 until all 10/13 symbols have been mastered.

9 – Your universal remote is now programmed! If you press “mode” on the remote, you may see an error message, which can be erased by pressing the “Reset” button on the receiver.


Q1.What do they all mean? 

Ans: You’ll need this if you’re going to program your universal remotes! You can use the search engine on any of your favorite websites or even use google or yahoo.

Q2.What are Common Universal Remote Codes Used by Spectrum?

Ans: Many different codes can be used with Universal Remote Codes. The regulations may vary by manufacturer, but generally, these 16-digit numbers identify devices on your system and show you how to use them.

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