GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV and How to Program

This universal remote code can literally control and can even operate audio and video devices from any brand. Some specific devices like GE universal remotes can eventually use the code to control them at any cost. The programming device and the different device codes can also be controlled. These kinds of multiple remotes can use the Blu-ray controlling device and that could probably make the universal code to get the home theater to control. A quick and simple auto code can make them better, to begin with, the simple searching methods. 

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Ge Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV 

Ge Universal Remote Codes

  • 5321
  • 3891
  • 1731
  • 1901
  • 4981
  • 1071
  • 1641
  • 2161
  • 2741
  • 3531
  • 4101

Sony Bravia TV Universal Remote Codes

  • 1071
  • 5321
  • 4981
  • 5811
  • 1901
  • 2741

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player

  • 2985
  • 4165
  • 3055
  • 3685
  • 0715
  • 0725
  • 2165
  • 0365
  • 0535
  • 2865
  • 0895
  • 0905
  • 4275
  • 2305
  • 3995
  • 3825

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu-Ray Player

  • 2305
  • 4275
  • 4165

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Receiver

  • 52172

There are manual codes that can make entry method on maintaining the error-prone to take time on setting aside clearly. Sometimes this could have hooked up on the universal code to carry out specifically on remote batteries. Even the programming can make the remote batteries find the original form on spending to the complete way to list out the code versions. The list on the code could make the multiple pages on saving the navigation and some options on all devices will get completed manually. The quick and the simple code that can make the error-prone on taking time are bad after spending time. 

How to program the GE universal remote control?

  1. Enter the setup mode then press on the button in the remote till the Led light on the remotes turns on. After this stop the button from pressing it.
  2. Then press the device button to release the control to blink the light from the remote in on and off conditions.
  3. Then enter the device code which is shown clearly and then the led light will turn on in the remote which indicates entering the fourth digits.
  4. For testing the results, this could make the device respond properly on getting the device to operate properly from the next code to get it right on the device.
  5. Then finally repeat this step for another device and show the device to program on release the button from pressing it continuously. 
  6. If you find the batteries to get fixed then make sure to remove them all of a sudden and then the version can change clearly. 
  7. Then scroll down the page and use the device to test the universal mode on getting it from the manual mode and list the code completely.


Q1: Are the GE universal code instructions easy to follow?

  • Ans: Yes, the instructions are very simple to follow and it can make the guidance very clear and follow the programming code to make it better. Easy code instructions that can make the work very simple.

Q2: What is the Universal search code?

  • Ans: It is very easy to find out the GE universal code and to follow just make sure to carry the methods on getting it to the instructions. The code is 9-9-2 just a three-digit code to help the device suggest the last method from the device screen to press the universal code. 

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