GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA and How To Program

The GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA allows you to program and control your remote. Using the GE universal remote codes means you can manage your TV and cable box with the same remote, by changing them at will, without any glitches or problems that would otherwise occur if you had to adjust each separately manually. The most significant benefit is that all of this is done without learning how to use a complicated interface or even knowing basic programming skills.

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA list

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA TV List

  • 0031, 0004, 0048, 0054, 0094, 0100, 0102, 0107, 0129, 0191, 0005, 0009, 0000, 0162, 0163, 0342, 0003, 0015, 0022, 0096, 0113, 0125, 0179, 0187, 0188

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA Home Theatre List

  • 0449
  • 0920
  • 0453
  • 0879

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA Converter Box List

  • 1032
  • 52325

There are three ways to program your GE universal remote: by yourself, with a code search, or with the help of an expert. The self-programming method requires you to go through each step yourself and set each device manually, and your basic understanding of electronics is needed to do this. The second option is the code search, which allows you to look up a remote code list online and add the codes to your remote. The third way, called programmer mode, will enable you to customize the remote using a universal programming device.

You will want to program each device on your remote to control. You will need to do this at the most basic level to have the most control over your remote. You will make a list of all of the devices you would like to control and then set these up on your remote, one at a time. You will code each device using these basic methods.

There are certain critical areas on your television that you will want to program first, such as On and Mute and any other function buttons on the remote. These keys should be programmed from left to right, with each one being coded individually. This is when you will be teaching each device to the remote. You will first turn on your television and then press and hold the key for Mute for about two seconds.

Next, you should turn off your TV and then press and hold the mute button again for another two seconds or so, until a red light appears on the remote. This indicates that you have programmed your TV to this button. You will then need to go through each of your devices in this same fashion until all of them are coded to allow control with one remote.

When you first turn on your remote, it will display the letter “A”. This is called the AD Computer Entry Sequence. To activate this sequence, push the key that says AD Computer Entry and then press any key for about two seconds. Your TV will turn off and then on again as if nothing had happened, and this shows all of your programmings.


Q1.What is the four-digit code for RCA TV?

Ans: When you first purchase your television, it is good to find out the four-digit codes on its screen. This will make finding replacement parts much easier if need be. Without this information, you may not know how to find a replacement part or look for instructions on fixing your television.

Q2.What kind of RCA TV do I have?

Ans: Various RCA TVs depend on your budget and what kind of technology you are interested in investing in. As such, we have created this article to help determine exactly which type of RCA TV you have so that you can buy or upgrade.

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