GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV and How To Program

Does the clutter of remotes by your TV annoy you as much as it does me? This post will share a list of GE universal remote codes that will allow you to control your Panasonic plasma or LCD TV from a GE Universal Remote.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV

GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV list

GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV List

  • 0171
  • 0148
  • 0054
  • 0170
  • 0062
  • 0374
  • 0381
  • 0437
  • 0950
  • 0003
  • 0070

GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic DVD Player

  • 0396
  • 0400
  • 0974
  • 0970
  • 0437
  • 0950
  • 0387

GE Universal Remote Codes For Panasonic blu ray

  • 0716
  • 0733
  • 0740
  • 0820
  • 0862

There are many benefits to using a universal remote for your TV, including: 

  • Reducing the number of devices and wires near your TV.
  • Easier to manage all aspects of your entertainment system from one point.
  • The ability to program in custom settings for certain functions so that they perform exactly how you want them to.
  • The ability to reprogram your device in the future if your TV’s brand changes or if you get a new remote.
  • Available remote codes should work with all brands of televisions; however, some of them may not be available for universal remotes and may require a specific remote.
  • Your entertainment system becomes easier to maintain over time. You don’t have to worry about purchasing an additional remote or programming in an old one that may no longer be valid for your TV.
  • The ability to use two remotes as a control device for two different TVs in separate rooms.
  • Easier to program a keypad for quickly accessing the same functions as pressing buttons on the remote.
  • Excellent for controlling the Internet, DVD, and other playback devices.
  • Easy to program in various settings so that features are immediately available when needed.
  • The ability to use an old remote with newer TVs after programming in settings.

GE Universal remotes are affordable, easy to use, user-friendly, and have many custom settings that can make different functions perform how you want them to. Before attempting to program the GE Universal Remote, make sure you have your TV’s brand and model name EXACTLY as it appears on the back of your TV. It may also be helpful to have your TV remote with you to compare the button layout.

The programming instructions for most universal remotes are available on their websites. GE does not have a direct link for programming instructions, but many user forums provide instructions on programming it from different manufacturers and models. If you need help with programming your GE Universal Remote, you can submit a remote technician request for assistance. If you cannot locate the remote code for your specific model, our computer technicians at the code using their remote-programming computers.


Q1.Did you know?

Ans: You can select a new, completely different home control panel from the GE Universal Remote. The new home button is displayed on the remote control. Press Home on the remote or button pad to enter home mode and change settings. Press a button on the remote firmly for about 2 seconds. If you wish to change settings, hold down this button (or select a set) until the lights flash and show CHG. Then release your finger, and press another location until the lights flash CHG again. In addition to these codes, you can use some (but not all) of your GE universal remote with other brands of televisions.

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