Devant TV’s Universal Remote Codes and How To Program

Devant TV is a company with a portfolio of televisions, video players, and home theatre systems. They have been building televisions in the United States for over 40 years. The universal remote codes allow our products to enjoy an easy experience while watching their favorite programs.

Devant TV’s Universal Remote Codes

Devant TV’s Universal Remote Codes list

Devant TV’s Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes List

  • 024
  • 023

Devant TV’s Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List

  • 0102, 0134, 0193, 0195, 0196, 0214, 0231, 0338, 0349, 0355, 0384, 0416, 0456, 0457, 0460, 0472, 0476, 0477, 0509, 0526

Devant TV’s Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes List

  • 00001
  • 00002

GE & Philips Universal Remote Codes For Devant TV

  • 6211

Many people use universal remotes because it’s more convenient to have one device to control your television and other electronics. Still, Devant TV also has its own unique set of codes that you can program into your universal remote to make your experience even more customized.

Devant TV offers different codes depending on the style of remote you have. So be sure to select the proper remote type when selecting the code below. As for how you program the remote to your television, we recommend following your specific universal remote instructions.

If you are curious about the differences between Cable Card and Cable links, you are a Devant TV customer and are experiencing any issues with your television’s remote.

Devant TV uses several different cable card authentication systems depending on the model of the television. Each cable card authentication system requires another type of Cable Card PIN set up when setting up Cable Card programming. The Cable Card PIN is used to ensure only authorized cable cards communicate with the host device and should be kept secret, just like passwords for other electronic devices.

Most cable service providers should have a sticker on the cable cards with a number on the back and four or five alphanumeric characters used for programming cable cards. If you have any questions about your Cable Card PIN, please consult your provider.

Ensuring all of your remotes have the latest code is simple with Devant TV Universal Remote Codes. You can update all of our remotes in seconds by downloading the free, easy-to-use utility app for any device, such as iPhone or iPad.

Programming a Devant TV Universal Remote

  • Turn on your device: You will need to have your Devant TV device on to program your universal remote to it.
  • Press and hold the “Device” key – Next, you should hold down either “TV” or “VCR/DVR” until all of the preset keys flash twice.
  • Enter the code: Once all of the preset keys have flashed twice, you should enter the appropriate universal remote code to your device.
  • If the code was successful – If the keys flash twice after entering the code, your remote has successfully been programmed.

If the code was not successful, if your remote’s keys do not flash twice after entering the code, something is wrong with your device.

Press and hold “Watch TV” or “Watch DVD” – After entering in the code, you will need to press and hold down either “Watch TV” or “Watch DVD,” whichever one is relevant for only your device. Keep holding it down until all of the preset keys flash twice again. The flashing lights indicate that the remote has been reset and will now be programmed with the new codes.


Q1.What are the codes connected to devant’s code?

Ans: The following list of codes is for the Serial Number of your Devant TV and any device connected to it, such as a Video Player, DVD Player, Media Player, etc. It may be helpful to find the serial number on your television or other devices.

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