Cybertec Universal Remote Codes and How To Program

You may have heard about the universal remote codes. When you press a button, it can do various things. It might switch the TV channel, adjust your thermostat or even turn on or off outside light. If you want to learn just how many items your remote can do, these are the tools for you.

Cybertec Universal Remote Codes

Cybertec Universal Remote Codes

3 Digit Codes

  • 092, 018, 063, 099, 023, 008, 011, 018, 021, 024, 025, 033, 037, 039, 040, 049, 050, 051, 091, 113, 123, 375, 378

4 Digit Codes

  • 0094, 0154, 0170, 0190, 1065, 1075, 1114, 1081, 1827, 1829, 1515, 1733, 1516, 1456, 1073, 1112, 1031, 1264, 1205, 1646, 1268, 1743, 1191, 1333, 1064, 1099, 1332, 1095, 1166, 1164, 1832, 1717, 1414, 1313

In the past, it was necessary to physically see the device to control it from afar via remote control. But with these codes and this handy guide, learning to work with electronics has never been easier.

How do These Codes Work?

Once you have your new universal remote control unit in hand, then it’s time to get familiar with its controls and buttons. To do so, enter these into the device and see what it does. For example, if you use a TV remote to turn the volume up or down on your TV, you can use a remote control to do the same thing on your phone or tablet.

Program Cybertec Universal Remote Without Codes

To program your Cybertec Universal Remote without codes, you’ll need to know the Baud rate of your remote. You can find this by researching on the manufacturer’s website or contacting them via phone. Once you have that information, use these steps to program your Cybertec Universal Remote:

1) Make sure your remote is powered off.

2) Open the “Up” button on the bottom of the remote and press it three times inwards, so it clicks.

3) Depending on which remote model you own, this may be labeled as “Remote+.” This will be marked as “Menu” in the top right of your remote.

4) Press “Select” on your remote.

5) Go up to “System Settings” and make sure it is set to “On.”

6) Press “OK.”

7) Press down on the top left corner of your remote

8) Your remote should flash for about two seconds.

9) At the bottom left, press inwards three times.

10) It will turn off.

11) Power on your device.

Program a Cybertec universal remote for other devices

There are many different programming devices and many ways to program them, so which software should you use to do this? One tool that is becoming more popular every day is cyber-tec. This is a universal remote control that uses one programmed chip installed into any device. The cyber tech universal remote comes with an app for your phone or tablet, which means you will no longer need another remote around the house. You can also download a computer program for Windows or Mac computers and program the chip in a new product.


Q1.What is a chip?

Ans: A chip is just a computer program that controls devices. When you program the chip, you are essentially replacing the chip with your custom code that can be downloaded from the internet or your computer and then installed into an existing product.

Q2.What is a Universal Remote?

Ans: The universal remote codes are electronic codes set up to perform specific functions. Like we said above, the code will turn on a light or readjust your thermostat. When you set up these codes, they all work as one unit. So whatever you do to one item will somehow affect another if you want to learn how versatile this remote is.

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